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17 April 2015

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Skurkarna, new signing label

30 September 2014

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30 September 2014

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Skurkarna is an all instrumental "Crime-Rock" happening from parts unknown. Some call them criminally insane. Others describe them as a much needed remedy for the dull and static social rules of a goverment controlled society.

How long have you not surprising sound of a band? It is common to find weirdos within the music scene; however much one boast about doing something different always seems to be a precedent, even sometimes a source of inspiration more than evident. Well, tightly grips vinyl you have in your hands and do not let him get away because I'm sure that will Skurkarna Swedish disconcerting and they'll leave you speechless.

Skurkarna is a Swedish word of difficult translation, which would in Castilian to rascals, scoundrels or gulfs, after which a quartet of rogues emerged from the streets of Gothenburg is hidden; experienced musicians who have fought in bands like The Pricks, The Archers or The Hollywoods. Your bet is decidedly instrumental, direct legacy of the surf music from the 60's, but the sound of Skurkarna qualify as surfing is to stay on the surface of a much more complex sonic fabric. They prefer to label their music as "crime-rock" and in one of his interviews claim to offer "criminally sick instrumental rock". What will all this move ?, you might be wondering, since fuse culture "noir" of the 40's, 50's and 60's, especially the film, with instrumental music; behold the secret potion, opium that will engage Skurkarna for life. For the subjects of this Swedish band all kinds of criminals low-class, bank robbers, blackmailers, hustlers and antiheroes wander, all in an environment that smells underworld, cigarette smoke and gasoline. His staging is also striking, as the quartet appears clad in a curious masks, which increases the mystery around the band. Who are Skurkarna? Little is known about it, we can say that Rufus, guitar, and masquerading as Sean Connery (era James Bond), Clyde, on bass, and mask Del Boy, Ralph, pounding the battery under the appearance of a disturbing Pavarotti, and Clemens, an Al Gore who keeps all kinds of state secrets in his leather briefcase, which hides the samplers that make Skurkarna a completely different band few have heard.

After releasing three singles and an LP, in which they re-recorded several songs composed between 2009 and 2012, Skurkarna returns to the fray with this new album, "In The Web of Villainy" fruit of the union of four Spanish labels: Ghost Highway Recordings , KOTJ Records, New H-Records and Slaughterhouse Recordings. The second LP of Skurkarna is a caramel with drugs, those who never gave you after school, wrapped in a gorgeous cover of Darren Merinuk. An orgy of dirtorsión, tremolo, delay and reverb, all carved with dialogues black films; a difficult disk cataloging, moving boldly between the surf, punk, post rock and even psychedelia. Someone defined the sound of Skurkarna suggesting the image of "Link Wray hallucinates while robbing a bank with mescaline" I think it could not be more successful. "In the Web of Villainy" grabs you from the first cut, with a hypnotic guitar and a vibrating battery, the prelude to criminal parade that gathers in the eleven songs on the album; LP seamless in which these Swedish shown enough muscle and talent to commit the robbery of the century.


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